'RHOC' Star Alexis Bellino's Shirt Reminds Us Just How Much She Loves Herself

alexis bellinoJust when you thought The Real Housewives of Orange County couldn't make any worse decisions when it comes to fashion, Alexis Bellino managed to one up the crazy. The reality star was photographed wearing a shirt that read "Team Alexis" as she went about her day pretending to be rich, or whatever she does. Evidently, Alexis felt so bullied by the other women during the reunion show that she decided to tell the world whose side she's on, and well, world? She's on her own.


Alexis has made some piss poor choices in the fashion department over the years, but this takes the cake.

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Sure, she wore a ridiculously low-cut blouse to host a TV segment on over-exposing children to sex, and yeah, she's worn almost every faux satin top Wet Seal has ever made, and of course she's designed some of the tackiest crap this side of Bebe for her "Alexis Couture" clothing line, and duh she wears a fake diamond ring because her real one's "in the safe", but all that stuff looks AWESOME next to this tee.

If I'm being kind, this look is egotistic chic. If I'm being myself, this look is malignant narcissism at its worst. I guess that makes me anything but Team Alexis. Is there a Not Team Alexis shirt available out there?

What do you think of Alexis' tee?

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Photo via bravotv.com

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