Snooki Without Makeup Looks Nothing Like Snooki (PHOTO)

SnookiWe're used to seeing her face buried under several layers of foundation, eye shadow, and a pair of very long false eyelashes -- and that's why this new makeup-free photo Snooki tweeted of herself has us staring in disbelief. At first glance, would you even know it's her? She's pretty unrecognizable, and in her case, this is a very good thing.

She captioned the photo with, "My clean canvas before I get artistic." That "clean canvas" looks pretty darn good to me! Who knew that underneath all of that goop on her face there was a very natural-looking, fresh beauty underneath who was begging to come out?!


Snooki is a natural beauty, and she obviously has great skin and gorgeous brown eyes -- so why does she choose to hide them most of the time? (Let that face breathe, girl!)

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I can understand not wanting to leave the house completely makeup free, but judging from this picture, even if she threw on a little bit of lip gloss and mascara, Snooki would still look put together & ready to take on the day.

And it's hard to ignore the whole pregnancy glow thing she's got going on in this photo too. After that baby arrives, she's going to have a whole lot less time for applying makeup and doing her hair, so she ought to think about doing the bare faced thing a bit more often now to get used to it.

Do you think Snooki looks better with or without makeup?


Image via Twitter

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