8 Stylish Staple Pieces Every Woman Needs to Own Right Now (PHOTOS)

closetStaple pieces. Every woman's got one, two, or all of 'em. (OK, fine. I have them all.) There's the little black dress, a snug bra, and a pair of jeans perfectly tailored to move with your body & flatter your butt. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I wear my staple pieces almost every day -- to work, on a first date, to a job interview, out to a party ... I'm always wearing something that I've had in my closet for years. In my favorite pair of black skinnies, I just feel comfortable and sexy. And they fit me like a glove. For so long, though, black was the go-to staple piece. You couldn't go wrong with an LBD and a pair of black slacks. I'll admit, it was getting a little boring in the style world for a minute.

But not anymore!

How about some color! How about some sex appeal! How about 8 fun and stylish staple pieces to give your wardrobe all the oomph it needs?! Check these out:


What's one stylish piece you think every woman should keep in her closet?

Image via LizMarie_AK/Flickr

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