8 Stylish Staple Pieces Every Woman Needs to Own Right Now (PHOTOS)

closetStaple pieces. Every woman's got one, two, or all of 'em. (OK, fine. I have them all.) There's the little black dress, a snug bra, and a pair of jeans perfectly tailored to move with your body & flatter your butt. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I wear my staple pieces almost every day -- to work, on a first date, to a job interview, out to a party ... I'm always wearing something that I've had in my closet for years. In my favorite pair of black skinnies, I just feel comfortable and sexy. And they fit me like a glove. For so long, though, black was the go-to staple piece. You couldn't go wrong with an LBD and a pair of black slacks. I'll admit, it was getting a little boring in the style world for a minute.

But not anymore!

How about some color! How about some sex appeal! How about 8 fun and stylish staple pieces to give your wardrobe all the oomph it needs?! Check these out:

What's one stylish piece you think every woman should keep in her closet?

Image via LizMarie_AK/Flickr

  • A leather belt


    Sure, a belt keeps you snug but it now doubles as a fashionable accessory for an outfit. Show off your trim tummy by tucking in your top & adding a pop of color to your waist.

  • Black blazer


    This is the perfect crossover piece from work to play. You can dress it up for business or keep it casual with a pair of skinny jeans and flats.

  • Sheer blouse


    Remember the days of cotton white button downs? We're trying hard to forget them -- and a colored sheer blouse is perfect to wash away bad memories. Tuck for a more sophisticated fashion or let it hang loose and feel the breeze.

  • Ruby red lips


    A bright shade of 'stick is a one-time purchase that you'll have around for a few years. It's the easiest way to introduce color to your outfit and draw attention to your luscious lips.

  • Volumizing, lengthening mascara


    Do you want longer lashes? Thicker lashes? A two-in-one mascara packs a punch for your eyes and works for the business world and the bar world.


  • Everyday necklace


    Keep your fancier jewels tucked away for the special occasions but opt for an everyday gem to add some sparkle to your outfit. Keep it simple with just a chain or add a pendant.

  • Nude pumps


    Black pumps used to be the thing, but say hello to nude! Nudes work well with every color and they show off just how style savvy your shopping sense is.

  • Shoulder bag


    A shoulder bag is a definite YES for anyone searching for a staple piece --  it's the perfect place to house your wallet, your makeup tote, and even your office notes. Think of it as a more stylish spin on the office briefcase & no matter what happens in the style world, bags will always be in.

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