Katie Holmes' Pretty in Pink Style Proves She's Not Missing Tom One Bit

Katie Holmes & SuriNow that she's successfully broken out of Tom Cruise's cage once and for all, Katie Holmes is obviously embracing her new found freedom wholeheartedly. And it's pretty hard to ignore the fact that she's looking so much more relaxed and content in photos since she filed for divorce.

Katie & Suri were spotted wearing a matching shade of pink in Manhattan over the weekend -- and the fresh, bright color really seems to be the perfect complement to the new phase of life the pair has entered together.


It's almost as if Katie decided to put herself & Suri in matching duds to reinforce the idea of them being a twosome from here on out, and to subtly remind Tom that they'll now be living the lifestyle she probably dreamed of all along (before he brainwashed her, of course).

Seriously, doesn't Katie look like a breath of fresh air in this photo? This outfit reminds me of her "Joey Potter" days on Dawson's Creek, when she had such a natural & effortless style. It's just so nice to see her acting & dressing how she pleases instead of trying to be someone she isn't. This gorgeous pop of color makes her look like a youthful 33-year-old, not overly matronly and sophisticated as she so often dressed when she was with Tom.

Being a single mom certainly suits Katie -- but if she keeps stepping out looking this gorgeous, I highly doubt she'll hang onto the "single" title for too terribly long.

Do you think Katie's overall style seems more relaxed since her split from Tom Cruise?


Image via Splash

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