5 Hot 40-Something Celebrities With 20-Something Boobs

sofia vergaraIt's a fact of life that some boobs age better than others. In Hollywood, stars have lots of options if they want to get a little help in the perky department, but these five women haven't needed much artificial support. Women in their 20s better watch out, these women may be a couple decades older, but their fun bags are the life of any party. From Sofia Vergara, 40, to Liz Hurley, 47, these celebs in their 40s have some killer racks.

Who cares what they've had done, if anything -- their boobs can't stop, won't stop. Take a look for yourself!


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banan... banana-bear

Yes, bras can do amazing things for the appearance of one's breasts. So can endless money to augment them. Nothing extraordinary about that. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I was thinking the same thing, Banana. A good fitting bra is the best thing you can do for your boobs, whether they're augmented or not. I kinda hate seeing women walking around with their pups CLEARLY flopping free :-p

Heather Duso Johnson

I knew my bra size had changed but am trying to lose weight and didn't want to spend the money on something I'd probably only need for a short period of time.  I figured I'd gone up maybe a size or a cup.  Then my cousin's wedding was coming up a few weeks ago and my old, too small strapless bra was not going to work, so I had to get a new one.  Yeah, I went up 2 cup sizes, even after I've lost 15 lbs!  So it was 3 new bras for a few weeks ago and they do look totally different and since I rarely tan, they still look good too.

nonmember avatar Freddy Calabasa

first off i love seeing pups flopping free. that's exactly the kind of freedom that should be shown during a war on women. and if that's the last image i see before being hit by a bus, then i had a good run. the only thing i don't like is how some people can be so insecure and envious that they can't admit how great some people look. any little comment to take them down a peg will do it seems.

Venae Venae

Liz Hurley is the only one w/great boobs - the rest are inflated and look ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Tad

Uma Thurman? Seriously?


nonmember avatar Diablo135

Heather Duso Johnson: Pics or it didn't happen! lol

nonmember avatar bro

bro, I hate to break bad news but those last ones on that latin lady are fakey

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