Mermaid Suit Is Weirdest Beach Fad of the Summer


Forget the monokini. This season girls are going crazy over fins. Yes. Fins. Mermaid fins to be exact.

After noticing her daughter's obsession with the mythical creatures, Vancouver mom Monika Naumann started designing mermaid tail suits she named 3-Fins. In blue, orange, red, green, and pink, they are quite beautiful. But the fantasy doesn't come cheap. It will cost you a whopping $245 plus shipping.

I get the little girl fantasy about seeing a mermaid. I watched Disney's The Little Mermaid. It was cute. And I was fascinated by Animal Planet's Mermaids: The Body Found. But are we taking this whole obsession a little too far? Some people are so desperate for merwoman to be real, the National Ocean Service felt compelled to issue an official report for the benefit of boys, girl, and infantile grownups stating that mermaids are absolutely not real. 

I will admit, the 3-Fin suits are incredibly cool. Naumann says an experienced swimmer will have no problem wriggling her way through the waves in it, but honestly that seems a little too creepy, not to mention dangerous. I think they are much better suited for a costume party or play, not the actual beach. Bottom line is some fantasies should stay just that.

What do you think of the mermaid swimsuit?


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nonmember avatar Mya

Nothing creepy about wanting to dress up like a mermaid. Just another type of imaginary play or dress up. I have a problem with safety - seems like a drowning risk for little swimmers. The tail could also bump or hurt other children who are swimming nearby so it's something that would have to be closely supervised.

Whitn... WhitneySM

I feel like I would drown wearing that thing.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Binding a kid's legs together and sending them to the pool sounds like a great idea!

nonmember avatar kaerae

Cute for pictures but, yeah, tying someone's legs together and throwing them into water...sounds more like a mob hit than a child's toy...

Gladi16 Gladi16

Its cute i can see kids having fun with it but yeah I woudn't buy it for that much!!


As a former life guard and swimming teacher, this reeks of problems. It's cute for a costume party though.

SoJaided SoJaided

Me and my cousin used to put those plastic rings around our ankles to hold them together so we could play mermaids in the pool lol this would of been a dream come true when we were kids

Fondue Fondue

Ok, that's great that you can swim while wearing those tails, but how the hell are you supposed to walk to the edge of the pool while wearing them?!

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Cute.... but uhm..... $250? I could by an Xbox.

LynBoz LynBoz

@ Fondue-- I didn't even think about that, lol. That is so true, how in the world do you walk to the water and how do you get out?!

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