What to Wear With Your Bathing Suit So You Don't Feel Naked

When you wear a bathing suit in public -- either a bikini or one-piece -- you are basically naked for the world to see. I recently moved to a new town and people keep telling me that the best place to meet other parents who have kids around the same age as mine is at the local pool. It's hard to meet new people. And now it looks like I have to attempt it while basically naked and trying to make sure my twin toddlers are behaving. The horror!

Luckily I have something just like this Slub Beach Tunic ($48) from Free People. I'm still in my bathing suit since it's sort of sheer, but I'm covered up in a lightweight fabric so I'm not sweating more than I should be. Though that's a challenge since it's been so hot. I have some more body distraction items ... I mean, ideas on what to wear with your bathing suit so you don't feel so naked.


Maybe you love the upper part of your body and only want to distract from the lower half. The Lurex Openwork Sarong Cover-up ($27.50) on sale at Kohl's is super cute. And it doubles as a blanket for when you are lying down and nothing is moving or has the chance to jiggle.


If the opposite is true and you love your bottom half and want to keep the top of you covered up more, then check out this Staring at Stars Cross Back Crochet Tank ($39) from Urban Outfitters. Pretty with jeans, a skirt, shorts, and why not your bathing suit? It's airy but still covers you up. You can try any top that is similar -- it doesn't have to be a bonafide beach cover-up. I would like one of these, please.












If you want more all-over coverage, but still want to keep things loose and breezy, the Tassel Cover-up ($33) on sale at Victoria's Secret is perfect.

Or you can always just wear a big hat like the Jennifer Lopez Gold Rush Floppy Hat ($24) on sale at Kohl's to distract everyone's eyes to your head. Love how much this one shields the sun, too.

floppy sun hat

Which cover-up is your favorite?

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