New U.S. Olympics Uniforms Are Anything But Patriotic (VIDEO)

U.S. Olympic uniformsThe new uniforms to be worn by the U.S. Olympic team are certainly fashion forward and classy looking, don't you think? The men look so sophisticated in their white pants and blue blazers, and you've gotta love the more tailored version paired with the white skirt that the woman has on.

Ralph Lauren designed the chic new uniforms, which is evident from their famous polo horse logo on the front of the jackets. Yep, these red, white & blue get-ups really do look like the perfect fit for U.S. Olympians -- which is why it's incredibly disappointing that the uniforms weren't even made in the United States.


The clothes were actually manufactured in China, which has members of Congress understandably outraged. (And believe it or not, both Republicans and Democrats are agreeing that this is a disgrace to our country. Imagine that.)

Supposedly the uniforms are supposed to resemble those that were worn the last time that America competed in the games in England -- which was 1948. The Olympic Committee said, "We're proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company, and excited to watch America's finest athletes compete at the upcoming Games in London."

That's all well and good, but it's pretty hard to view Ralph Lauren's uniforms as "iconic" or "American" now that we know they were manufactured all the way across the world in a factory in another continent. Something about having athletes representing our country all while wearing something that wasn't made by hard working Americans is downright inappropriate and wrong.

To hear more about these controversial uniforms, check out the video clip below.

Do you think it's a big deal that these uniforms were made in China?


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