Blogger Who Called Kate Upton 'Fat' Receives Death Threats (VIDEO)

Kate UptonA "skinny girl" blogger who caused an uproar when she called super bikini girl and model Kate Upton "fat" has apologized for her comments, claiming she has received death and rape threats after writing that Upton had “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, and terrible body definition.”

To be sure, it was an idiotic things to say. The "skinny gossip" site is known for promoting skinniness to an almost unhealthy degree. And while the blogger has said she will take down her "Starving Tips of the Day” and will now include resources for people suffering depression, eating disorders, and compulsive self–injury, the damage is largely done.

But we need not feel sorry for Upton.



Who cares if some two-bit blogger thinks she is "fat"? Why is "fat" such an insult? And even more, it's kind of laughable. 

The quickest way to insult a woman is to call her "fat." Well, what if that weren't true? Maybe we could all just agree that Kate Upton is gorgeous and sexy, and sure, maybe she is heavier than Kate Moss, but so what? Can't they both be gorgeous?

We really need to get past this idea that there is one standard of beauty that all women must adhere to in order to be considered lovely. But seriously, people, if Kate Upton is "fat," then we have some seriously obese people wandering the streets every day.

In fact, the idea here was to make Upton feel badly because she is a girl whose sexuality is all on display. She has big, jiggly boobs and a sexy, sexy body that screams TOUCH ME. It may not be the fashion ideal, but it's hot to men and no one can deny that.

Here's my question: Why can't both be beautiful? Why is it all either/or? Skinny can be beautiful, curvy can be beautiful, and so can everything in between.

Do you think Kate Upton is "fat"? Do you think this blogger deserves the backlash?

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