Kellan Lutz Wears Live Alligator for Hot New Lacoste Ad

kellan lutzWhen you think of Lacoste, you probably think of little alligators, popped collars, and tennis. Kellan Lutz, whom I'm sure you remember from that Twilight movie, is the new face of the French apparel company, and in the new ad, Kellan's wielding an alligator over his shoulders. (If I knew what sound an alligator made, arf? roar? squee?, I'd write it.) And if I do say so myself, Kellan makes wearing croc look super hot. Lacoste was dead on to cast him as their model and to literally bring their logo to life like this. I can't decide if it makes me want to run away with him to the country club or the wild everglades, but I'm pretty sure there's no wrong answer.


Kellan isn't a stranger to starring in ad campaigns; this summer he and Kate Upton are the faces of Dylan George and co-designer of Abbot + Main's Fall 2012 collection. Boy looks good there, too.

And he isn't a stranger to working with animals, either. Kellan will star in Tarzan 3D and I'm sure he got real familiar with our furry friends in the jungle while prepping for the role.

Kellan's Lacoste ad will be in an upcoming issue of GQ -- it will be a seven-page spread of Kellan and alligators and preppy clothes. Win, win, and win.

But the hottest part about all of this is that the actor is big into wildlife preservation. Under those rock hard pecs lies a soft, soft heart. Aw.

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Photo via KellanLutz/WhoSay

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