4 Tips for Doing Flawless Makeup in 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

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Back in my pre-mom days, I used to love putting on makeup in the mornings or for a night out. I'd fuss over my face for half an hour or so, making sure every flaw was erased and every asset emphasized.

Fast forward to being a busy mother of two. Like most of us, if I can manage to blow dry my hair I'm ahead of the game. There's a lot to be said for taking the time to apply just a little makeup, though. A few minutes in the morning will leave you feeling polished and confident all day ... once you master the five-minute face.

In this latest episode of The Sarah James Show, she takes one of our CafeMom members through a quick, easy, fuss-free routine that takes no more than five minutes and will leave you looking like a sleeker, better, more rested version of yourself. Check it out after the jump!

Sarah's tips include:

Concealer, concealer, concealer: If you do nothing else, do this. A few dabs of a skin-matching, light-reflecting concealer will cover those dark circles of mom exhaustion, even out your skin tone, and cover fine lines. I have pale, blotchy skin with a bit of rosacea and swear by a brush-on mineral powder concealer. Even if I'm just running to the gym, I take two minutes to brush it on my chin and around my nose to even out tone.

Lashes: Use an eyelash curler to give your eyes that open, wide-awake look, and then use a couple of coats of mascara to highlight your eyes.

Cream, not powder, blush: It lasts longer than powder and you don't need a brush...just put a teeny amount on your ring finger and blend thoroughly.

Lips: Lip gloss is nice and light and looks better with a less "done" face.

See? Five minutes and you're done. If you have a little more time or motivation, you can add powder, eyeliner, or whatever makes you feel pretty. Check out more tips and see these in action in the video:

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Do you wear makeup most days and do you have any ideas for how to do it fast?

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luv.m... luv.my.kids.365

Being as I just started wearing make-up recently this video is so useful! Thanks for sharing.

suziejax suziejax

Cool video. I wear makeup almost everyday... ,my whole routine only takes10 minutes tops for a full makeup made up nice look!

DebaLa DebaLa

There is no concealer magical enough, nor any tips invented yet to shorten my ordeal that is my make-up routine. Now reduced to only a few times a week so I can recover. "Natural" is hard work. I need to lie down now.

banan... banana-bear

Except neither of them needed makeup to begin with....

Unless they were already wearing make up before they put on more make-up.

annis... annismom10

Thank you for printing out the tips. Id rather read for 30 sec than watch the show. I was not a fan of previous episodes. But I like to read cafemom, not watch it;-)

meita... meitaljames

This is a great tutorial. I recently look for beauty fixes I can accomplish in 5 minutes and I stubled upon a revitalizing face scrub that can be done at home in 5 minutes as well. It works wonders so I thought I'd share it with others, you can find it here: http://www.5-minutes.net/how-to-take-5-years-off-your-skin/

Iepur... IepurasRoz

this is pretty much what i do every time i go out or if i have friends/family over - minus the blush, i really need that! the concealer is the one thing i could never live without because i have acne scars and i must cover them up or i look horrible :(

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