Katie Holmes Kisses Tom Cruise Goodbye in Sexy Black Leather & Heels

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise
Katie & Suri at the Central Park Zoo
Sometimes there's nothing like stepping out on a guy. No, no, not that kind of stepping out. Stepping out in your sky-high stiletto heels after you've ditched a guy. That kind of stepping out. Katie Holmes did it in Manhattan after spending the day with Suri at the Central Park Zoo.

After leaving Suri home with a sitter (though perhaps "adult" Suri was able to hold down the Chelsea fort alone), Katie stepped out in mega-high heels paired with shiny, tight, black leather pants. Since it's brutally hot here in the city, wearing leather -- not the coolest of material -- is making a real statement. And I think that statement is, "F-U Tom!" Well, maybe a more ladylike, "Cya, Tom!" Either way, divorce looks great on the single mom.


Her heels were super high, super slim, super sexy. They're F-U heels. Oops, there I go again. But let's face it, everyone knows Tom is a short little dude. And while I'm not necessarily on board with the theory that Katie tried to make herself shorter while married to him -- after all, Katie, Nicole, and his first wife, Mimi Rogers, were all tall women, so he couldn't mind them too much -- Katie did spend a lot of time looking hunched over in her photos with her ex.

Katie paired the heels and the black leather pants with a cream-colored blouse and jacket. Girl, weren't you HOT?! Then she went out to dinner with a pal.

Ah, a newly-single, 31-year-old gal on the town, her high heels on, and her shiny black leather pants hugging her long legs. I totally hear a country tune a-twangin'.

You thought you'd get me back

But I wore leather black

With my high heels on

And my heartbreak gone

You go, Katie!

Do you think Katie was making a statement with this outfit?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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