7 Strappy Sandals That Will Hide Your Cankles (PHOTOS)

sandals'Tis the season of stems, sandals, and stilettos, but you know what I just hate about the summer? All those leg workouts I wish I did.

While I should've been in the gym workin' on my fitness all winter long, I was in the kitchen, snacking on cookies, cannolis & cupcakes -- and now instead of happily showing off my lean legs, I'm worried everyone is going to notice (gulp) ... my cankles.

Oh, cankles. AKA calves that don't naturally thin out at your ankles .. AKA 'fat' ankles. Eek! I'll admit, it's not a common fashion faux paus, but for me, it's a big worry. I have muscular legs so summer always comes with anxiety for me. Go on & add in strappy summer sandals and you see my fears now, don'tya?

Most fashionistas avoid the ankle strap like the bubonic plague, but I'm all for throwing caution to the wind -- and you should too. 

Check out these seven ankle straps to shop for that'll give you long and lean legs:

  • Criss-Cross Straps


    Image via DSW

    Criss-cross straps keep your legs from looking sectioned off and chunky.

  • High Nude Strap


    Image via DSW

    Nude straps blend in with your natural skintone and the high strap adds height and definition.

  • Centered, Lengthening Straps


    Image via DSW

    Multiple straps across the ankle are fine, as long as they gather in the center. The long T-strap adds natural length.

  • Braided Low Straps


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    Straps over the front of your foot help distract from the cinching at your ankles -- and neutral, pastel colors blend with your natural tones for a fluid look.

  • Buckled, Thin Strap


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    If you're going to shop for a flat sandal with an ankle-strap, opt for thin, looser looks with a pop of color. They give the illusion that they fit sung, without cutting off circulation.

  • Bulky Accent Straps


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    A thin, bold strap over the top of your foot is the saving grace for a chunky ankle strap. Braided touches -- or any accent -- keep the style from looking bulky and unflattering.

  • Leather, Structured Straps


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    Remember what I said about nude? Well it works with every strap. Minimalistic design also keeps the shoe from looking too busy.

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