5 Amazing Beauty Products That Will Seriously Change Your Life (PHOTOS)

sephoraI've struggled with an addiction nearly all of my life ... to beauty products. From bronzers to brighteners, plumpers to primers, and glosses that go everywhere from your hair to your lips, I just can't resist what lies within those pretty bottles and jars.

Over the years, however, my needs have changed, and with children and all that goes along with them, I no longer have the time to lavishly layer on endless lotions nor the place to wear the hottest daring new eye shadows and liquid eyeliners (they don't exactly go with yoga pants). But I still need my product fixes, so these days they have to be fast and effective.

Lately, I've come across some great ones -- life-changing ones really, and I'm not just being dramatic. They are products that help me look and feel pulled together without too much effort, and they work. Here are five of my recent favorites.

What are your favorite beauty products?

Image via jackiembarr/Flickr


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