5 Amazing Beauty Products That Will Seriously Change Your Life (PHOTOS)

sephoraI've struggled with an addiction nearly all of my life ... to beauty products. From bronzers to brighteners, plumpers to primers, and glosses that go everywhere from your hair to your lips, I just can't resist what lies within those pretty bottles and jars.

Over the years, however, my needs have changed, and with children and all that goes along with them, I no longer have the time to lavishly layer on endless lotions nor the place to wear the hottest daring new eye shadows and liquid eyeliners (they don't exactly go with yoga pants). But I still need my product fixes, so these days they have to be fast and effective.

Lately, I've come across some great ones -- life-changing ones really, and I'm not just being dramatic. They are products that help me look and feel pulled together without too much effort, and they work. Here are five of my recent favorites.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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  • Beauty Balm


    Image via Sephora

    I had read about these amazing balms that do everything from prime to perfect and prevent oil in one small tube, but I was skeptical. Then I tried one, and oh what a believer I became. I have Smashbox Camera Ready ($39), and it is one of the best products I've ever used. Instead of multiple steps, this is all I need to head out the door in the morning -- it even has SPF 35. I'm in serious love.

  • Japanese Scrubby Towel


    Image via Amazon

    My college roommate, Sanae, turned me onto these brilliant cloths a little while ago, and my showers haven't been the same since. They exfoliate brilliantly and make whatever body wash you use incredibly sudsy. The best part: you can find them on Amazon for about $5.

  • Eye Shadow That Doesn't Crease


    Image via Bobbi Brown


    I've bought plenty of eye shadows that SAY they won't crease, but this long-wear cream shadow from Bobbi Brown ($24) is the only one I've found that actually doesn't. I don't wear eye shadow all that often, but when I do, I want it to stay where I put it, and this one does.

  • Luminizing Mask


    Image via Sephora

    Sasha turned me onto this Luminizing Black Mask from Boscia ($34), and I've been forever grateful. I don't have a lot of time to get spa facials, but this one clarifies, tightens, and tones almost as well. Plus, it's so much fun to peel off, and I love to scare my kids when I'm wearing it.

  • Tinted Brow Gel


    Image via Ulta

    A horrifying fact no one ever told me about getting older -- your eyebrows turn gray! Fortunately, I found this tinted brow gel that swipes the gray right away. I like this one from Anastasia ($21) that stays on all day and looks natural.

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