Victoria Beckham & 8 Other Stars With the Ugliest Smiles in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

smileSorry, Annie, but it turns out in Hollywood, you're always fully dressed without a smile. Victoria Beckham only smiles about once a year -- for good reason -- but Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes are guilty of ditching the big grin for a come-hither glare, too. Secret rumor has it they sold their teeth to the Tooth Factory in upstate Michigan, where lots of creepy research is taking place ... but no one has yet to confirm. Just kidding. But really, haven't you ever wondered why they're always on the red carpet -- actually every carpet -- sans smile?

Okay, fine, I'll tell you why, but I guarantee you're not gonna like it: Their smiles are AWFUL. Bad. Unflattering. Awkward. So ugly they oogly.

Don't get it twisted folks, I think Posh, Angie, and TomKat NAIL the close-mouthed grin better than any other babes in the business ... but they just fall way short in the smiling department.

Fortunately, they're not the only stars with this issue. Turns out there's a ton of celebs who look downright bad with a broad grin. Check out the top 9 leading ladies with the most awkward smiles -- it's a total shocker!

Do you prefer to smile with your mouth open or closed?

Image via manduhsaurus/Flickr

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