Jessica Alba Has an Easy Mom Trick for Looking Sexy in a Bikini

Jessica Alba bikiniIf you're like most moms, then you probably cringe and immediately reach for a towel the minute anyone whips out a camera and tries to snap a picture of you in a bathing suit. (Sound about right?)

Swimwear photos can be extremely unforgiving, but if you know a certain trick for posing for the camera, being captured on film in your bathing suit doesn't have to be a traumatic experience. And judging from this photo that Jessica Alba tweeted of herself wearing a bikini in Italy, she's figured out the secret to looking picture perfect in her two-piece.


By laying down for the shot instead of sitting in her lounge chair or standing up, Jessica's body looks even slimmer and more bikini worthy than it normally does.

When it comes to bikinis, gravity is our friend -- which is probably why so many of us do that weird sort of "shimmy" move every time we take off our cover-up and position ourselves on the lounge chair. The faster you lie down -- the less chance there is of anything spilling over or jiggling around too much.

And Jessica isn't the only celeb who has figured out the whole "lying down in a bikini makes me look hotter" thing. Heidi Klum also recently tweeted a scantily clad beach photo showing off her flat abs on the beach.

heidi klum

And there you have it, ladies. The next time you want to document your vacation by taking plenty of photos -- just make sure to get into position first (especially if you plan on posting the photos on Facebook for everyone to see).

Do you mind when someone takes a photo of you wearing a bathing suit?


Image via Jessica Alba Twitter/image via Heidi Klum Twitter

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