'Real Housewives' Reunion Ladies Looked Hideously Cheesy in Big Hair & Bad Makeup

rhocWe need to talk about the neon silk and hair-weave hit-and-run that was The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion last night. The terrible fashion, the drag queen makeup, and some of the worst hair this side of Dallas turned the evening into a swirling, whirling sea of hot orange, hot pink, and bright blond that not even staid Andy Cohen could navigate. The colors were so bad, in fact, that a bird became disoriented and flew into Cohen's hair, presumably the only natural thing on set. Poor thing just wanted to know what's real, I guess.

So let's, for a second, ignore the ladies' arguing and the finger pointing and focus, instead, on the tangible evidence that these women are completely out of their minds: their fashion choices.


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