Kanye West Wishes Kim Kardashian Looked More Like Kate Middleton

kim kardashianWell slap my ass and call me crazy because I agree, for the first time and probably last time ever, with Kanye West. Britain's Daily Star reports that the rapper is trying to get girlfriend Kim Kardashian to wear less makeup. He's allegedly been advising Kim and her glam squad on Kim's appearance, which doesn't surprise me at all, that guy's even more of a control freak than Kris Jenner, and has advised that Kim adopt a more natural look, like Kate Middleton. He thinks less is more, and I feel weird saying this, but Kanye's absolutely right. Less is more when it comes to Kim. She should've stopped with all that makeup years ago.


Kim is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've never seen. There's been glimpses of her dressed down and a few photos of her at the beach without makeup, but we've hardly seen Kim let her bone structure, full lips, and larger than life eyes do the talking on the red carpet; they're usually plastered over with all types of distracting cosmetics.

Not to be all whatever, but I saw this episode of one of the Kardashian reality shows where they go to Bora Bora and Kris Humphries is there, and there was a scene where he and Kendall Jenner tell Kim that she looks amazing without makeup. I remember it because I was like, yes! Exactly! Glad someone's telling her!

(Then she threw a hissy fit about an earring and I returned to watching something really important, I'm sure, like a rerun of 90210 on the Soap Network.)

Now I see that it took the right person to say those words to Kim in order for her to actually hear them. She must be pretty into Kanye if she's willing to heed his advice and go lighter on the makeup. Can't say I'm thrilled about their relationship, but I am pretty psyched about a more natural Kim.

And there's even some evidence of all this -- Kim wore clean, slicked back hair and very little makeup to the Stephane Rolland show last week. Kanye, of course, was by her side.

Do you prefer Kim with less makeup?


Photo via Splash News

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