'DWTS' Nicole Scherzinger’s Crazy Neon Yellow Shoes Fall Flat

I have never been so confounded and conflicted over a celebrity's fashion sense as I have been with Dancing With the Stars' Nicole Scherzinger's recent choice of shoes. They are those funky odd-shaped wedge-type heels that no one who hasn't practiced walking on stilts should try wearing. And they are neon yellow, as bright neon colors like tangerine are the rage this season. But would anyone besides a celebrity wear these things? Maybe that isn't the point. Maybe the point is to gawk at a celebrity's weird shoes. Let's break this down for a moment ...


Nicole paired these crazy, daring, bizarro shoes with a pair of faded denims that look like they've been in the bottom of her drawer since she was a teen. And a faded white T-shirt. And then THE SHOES. If you're going to make a bold fashion statement, this is the way to do it. You don't have crazy neon shoes AND a crazy neon purse AND a crazy neon jacket. The crazier it is, the less you have of it.

But ... these shoes are still horrible. Perhaps Nicole made a brave fashion choice, and she paired it with the correct ensemble, but that doesn't make the shoes pretty or fashionable. They are just a horror show on someone's feet.

And yet ... and yet, my friends. Heavy sigh. Am I coming around to these shoes? Yes, let me be clear, they are hideous. But maybe that is what makes them beautiful. Maybe they are beautiful in their bold neon yellow ugliness. The shoes are like that guy you know is bad for you, but whom you are horribly and inexplicably drawn to against your will. You hate him with a passion, and yet ... something is there. Je ne sais quoi! You do not have the strength to look away from the shoes. The terrible yet insanely and grotesquely glorious shoes.

What do you think of Nicole's shoes?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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