Let Your Inner Catwoman Purr With These 14 Sexy Styles (PHOTOS)

catwomanAs a general fashion rule, I try not to take style cues from cartoons -- Pepper Ann as an exception, of course. But with The Dark Knight Rises on its way to theaters and Anne Hathaway looking soooo sexy in that Catwoman getup, I'm about to break my own rule in two.

You see, the ferociously sexy feline just can't make up her mind -- is she a good little helper or a naughty, bad girl kitty? Which is basically the same argument I have with myself, like, every day. So that makes me half-Cat too, right?

Right. But that's not the only reason I'm fixated on the conflicted, hottie heroine. Have you SEEN the skin-tight leather attire Anne slipped into for this role? My my, they'd have to peel it off me. But that's what makes her Cat-inspired look so sexy, so kinky, and a helluva lot HOT.

And it's a look every woman can mimic ... which means you can step into these skin-tight styles too. Here are 14 of our fave Catwoman inspired looks guaranteed to make your partner purrrr with delight! 

Do you think dressing like Catwoman would make you feel super sexy or just plain silly?

Image via hans s/Flickr

  • Leather Dress


    Image via T.J. Maxx

    This hot little number shows off a fair amount of skin but keeps you covered up in all the right places. Jazz it up with jet black tights and suede pumps.


  • Leather Leggings


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    You might need a hand to help get you out of these, but I'm willing to bet your partner won't mind. The skin-hugging leather makes you look hot, hot, hot.


  • Suited Pencil Skirt


    Image via Macy*s


    Accentuate your figure with every step in this skin-tight skirt. The pencil structure is made to move with your movements and complement your shape.

  • Black Leather Booties


    Image via Macy*s


    These little booties have a deep dip in the front and would pair best with a pair of midnight black leggings. The key is to show a touch of skin in unlikely places.

  • Suede Over the Knee Boots


    Image via DSW


    If you're going to channel your inner lady Cat, you'll need a pair of over the knee boots. They're sexy and comfortable and naturally elongate your killer gams.

  • Leather Short Shorts


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    Leather shorts are a must-have. In the colder months, just slip into a pair of black tights before squeezing into the shorts. And trust us, all the cats will howl for this one!


  • Silk Cut Out Blouse


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    Office friendly, Catwoman approved. The cut out shoulders show enough to let your body breathe and a glimpse of skin is all you need.

  • Cut Out Pants


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    Any questions on this one? Yeah, I didn't think so. So sexy!


  • Plunging Bodycon Dress


    Image via Forever21


    Like I've said, the key to being queen of the litter is staying covered up -- so that less is more. The deep V cut shows enough skin to keep 'em coming back.

  • Fingerless Lace Gloves


    Image via Forever21


    Let's just picture what would happen if you donned a pair of these ...

  • Platform Pumps


    Image via Forever21


    A platform doesn't have to be sky high to be daring and sexy. The added height to the front of the toe helps add balance and takes the pressure off your arch -- so you can keep these on longer.


  • Black Leather Bustier


    Image via LuLu*s

    A bustier picks you up, keeps you up, and looks hot while getting the job done. Need we say more?

  • Sheer Black Bodysuit


    Image via LuLu*s


    You can wear a bodysuit without anyone noticing or you can WEAR a bodysuit and make sure people notice. Either way, all eyes will be on you.


  • Collared Sheer Black Top


    Image via LuLu*s


    Pairing this see-through sheer top with a black bandeau or a black bustier just screams sex appeal. Buttoning it to the top also screams, "You got to work for every button!"

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