New 'HoodiePillow' Rivals the Snuggie for Laziest Fashion Fad

hoodiepillowI bet you didn't think the hoodie could be improved upon, but some ingenious designers from New Jersey would beg to differ. They've reinvented the classic comfort item and have added something that it's been missing for years. Introducing the HoodiePillow. It's everything that it sounds like and nothing more. It's a hood attached to a pillowcase, and just like the picnic pants before it, it's the fashion statement you never knew you wanted to make.

As their website says, it offers the ultimate in cocoonification. Ready, set, hoodify. Taking an awkward nap never looked so good.

The pillow and the hood are made of sweatshirt material and it comes in a bunch of colors, making it the perfect gift for anyone who would find it as hilarious as I do.

Not once have I experienced the need for a hood on a pillow, I wouldn't say my ears are prone to chilliness, but I will concede that this invention might be great for traveling or for college kids with roommates. The hood gently shields light and sound, so it has that going for it.hoodiepillow

And, of course, as Americans get lazier and lazier, the HoodiePillow will likely become part of the national lexicon much like the Snuggie, the Wrap-a-Nap, and the Forever Lazy. If it's one thing we all love, it's turning bed accoutrement into pieces of wearable clothing. This HoodiePillow is right on target.

Just, no one tell Geraldo Rivera about all this, K?

Like the HoodiePillow pillowcase? Want it? Need it? Must have it?


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Kimbyann Kimbyann

Hubby works nights and sleeps during day. The black one over the mans eyes might help

MIA0223 MIA0223

I need it!

I sleep with a blanket wrapped around my head so it covers like the guy in pic 2!

This would be perfect for me!

tigge... tigger238

I would like a hoodie blanket intstead.

nonmember avatar Raynn

Thanks for posting this! My mother and I both suffer from migraines that cause our heads and faces to get really cold. Nothing beats the headaches back like making our heads super warm... we both even have "headache hats" which are just really comfy stocking caps. But sometimes even the hats put pressure in bad places or slip off during sleep. What a great idea! Funny, yes, but this might really work for me.

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