Snooki Stumbles On Genius Way to Take Pain Out of High Heels

Snooki feetPrepare for a sentence you never expected to see written. Snooki is a genius. Well, when it comes to taking the pain out of fashion that is.

The pregnant Jersey Shore star has been taking a lot of flack for refusing to kick her heels off despite her growing belly. But leave it to Snooki to find a way to have her cake and eat it too. The mama-to-be has found her happy medium.


Snooki Tweeted a photo of her tootsies in her signature high heels, with a disclaimer:

I can only rock these heels when I sit. So sitting fabulous with shoes is better then nothin!

As a woman who falls over her own feet when she is wearing sneakers, and has absolutely no belly (well, not the unwieldy baby-type), I am going to admit it ... I think Snooki could be on to something! I consider it one of the great injustices in life that I was born a klutz. For years I've been relegated to simple ballet flats and flip-flops ... and let me tell you, the pretty pickings are slim in the low-to-the-ground area of the shoe store.

But no more! This idea of Snooki's could be what all of us have been waiting for: a way to wear pretty shoes without A. soles that scream in pain or B. make idiots of ourselves by going ass over teakettle in the streets. So it may seem a little silly to invest in footwear that you don't actually walk in, especially if it costs as much as something Snooki is bound to wear.

But women have done dumber things for fashion, haven't we? Need I remind you of the pair of Spanx that you can't actually breathe in? That blazer you just had to have but in which you can't actually lift your arms? We all have one item of clothing that comes with ... complications. And yet, we continue to wear them because we can't give them up.

And so, four-inch heels, here I come ... with my pop-up chair in tow. Thank you Snooki! Now go, get thee to a camping store for your chair and then to the shoe store.

What is your fashion Kryptonite -- that one item you just have to wear, even if it's going to kill you?

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Image via Snooki

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