8 Pretty One-Piece Bathing Suits With Just the Right Amount of Sexy (PHOTOS)

farrah fawcettNow, I'll admit it: bathing suit season is my least favorite season of 'em all. What woman do you know that says, Hey! Look at me! I just love squeezing my winter weighted self into an itty bitty bikini! Right. No one has EVER said that. Probably 'cause no one loves bikinis. And everyone secretly wishes they could wear a one-piece.

Aw, shucks ladies! Consider this a dream come true then. The swimsuit gods have graced us with a classic: the return of the one-piece bathing suit. This little gem keeps you snug, hugs all the right places, flatters (and flattens!) every figure, and the trend is SUPER hot for summer. Can I get an amen?

And yes, to answer the eyeball roll you're giving me right now, these suits are far, far from frumpy. Need proof? Check out eight of sexiest one-piece suits you should slip into for a trip to the beach:

Would you ever wear a one-piece to the beach?

Image via Hobo!/Flickr

  • Women's Halter-Keyhole Suit


    One: I love the olive coloring for summer. Two: the detailing at the bust draws the eye upward. Slim your hips by adding a sarong.

  • Plunge Halter With Ruffles


    The deep neckline drop lengthens your torso, which makes you look leaner. The ruffles make it playful and fun.

  • Animal-Print Control Max


    The control detailing of this suit keeps everything snug and in place and the patterned top keeps wandering eyes focused upward.

  • Neon Lace-Up


    The neon colors add flavor to this otherwise simple getup. The delicate detailing keeps it casual and the color pops keep it flirty!

  • High Neck Colorblock One-Piece


    If you love your shoulders and hate your lower half -- this is totes the suit for you. The ruching at the waist sucks it all in and makes your tummy look tight!

  • Safari Swimsuit


    The nude detailing on this one-piece is sexy without going over the top. Shopping for a suit with a bustier fitting top elongates your torso so you look thin & trim.

  • Ruffle One-Piece


    Adding ruffles to the hip detail is a definite do for anyone who prefers to hide a thicker shape -- they make your waist and hips flow together, giving you more structure.

  • Goddess One-Shoulder One-Piece


    Blue is HUGE this summer and it's everywhere. The one-shoulder detailing is perfect for anyone who prefers to show off their upper half, and the diagonal ruching distracts the eye from any trouble spots.

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