American Apparel Gets 60-Year-Old to Model & Show Up Young Hipsters (PHOTOS)

american apparel older modelAmerican Apparel is known for making people upset with their super young hipster models in provocative poses. Never bothered me. The company's owner Dov Charney isn't exactly America's sweetheart -- don't like what I hear about Dov, but hey, people are weird. This is just fact. But what the company just did is oh so right no one should complain. Unless of course you aren't a fan of a 60-year-old showing us how flexible she is.

As the story goes, Jacky O'Shaughnessy was spotted by the folks at AA at a NYC restaurant and smitten with the silver fox, asked her to model. I don't blame them. She is kind of exactly what I'd like to look like when I get older. Healthy, aging gracefully, and with long gray hair, Jacky is now the new face of the brand's "Advanced Basics" line. Oh about that flexibility? Check this out ....


 jacky oshaughnessy

Oh hello, Jacky! She'll be 61 in December. She's old enough to be the grandmother of most of the American Apparel models. She's gorgeous. What's her secret for staying in amazing shape?!

This isn't the first bold move in the right direction for Charney. Most recently, the brand unveiled their first transgender model, so maybe this is part of some sort of restitution. Eh, I don't want to focus on the politics of it all. Let's get back to Jacky again.

jacky oshaughnessy

I want this outfit. I want that lipstick. I want those legs! And no, she's never modeled before. Plucked from obscurity at 60 years old. Maybe this could be just what the company needs from going under as they were saved from bankruptcy for now but need to do something big. Something different. Something that gets buzz. Something that sells. Jacky may just be it. 

What do you think of American Apparel's newest model?

Images via American Apparel

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