5 Bold Bangs Styles That Will Make You a Sexy Standout (PHOTOS)


It's important to spice up your 'do. Add a little flair to your hair, ya know? And right now I am totally diggin' bangs. They are always fashionable, always on trend and always in season -- you just can't go wrong with the look.

Now, before you scoff at me, you need to accept that bangs are not a style fit for just your daughters. Even though the cut has a bad rep for looking too playful, innocent and childish, lately Hollywood style icons have been flaunting their fringe, only proving that this haute look is spot-on at any age.

I think a woman with bangs looks sexy, confident and bold -- and a definite do for every face shape. Fringe is in, folks!

Check out 5 bang cuts that keep your hair looking hot and stylish:

Do you have bangs? Would you get bangs?

Image via The Shopping Sherpa/ Flickr

  • Wispy Bangs


    Image via bokeh burger/ Flickr

    Here's the trick with bangs that are wispy: they can double as side bangs or full-on bangs, depending on how you feel. But the look is best if you let 'em loose as is. Resting just at your eyelashes, they're mysterious and sexy.


  • Blunt Bangs


    Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty

    Va va va vooom! There's no way anybody could forget this red hot look. Back in the era where TomKat reigned, Katie was definitely a hair trendsetter. What's to love about this look? Blunt bangs are so fashion forward and only the boldest ladies sport the look!

  • Side-Swept Bangs


    Image via half alive - so zzzz/ Flickr


    Side-swept bangs give the illusion that your forehead is longer than it actually is. So to all your teeny foreheaded folks, bangs can be yours, too! By tucking them to a side, it takes your hairline further back and makes your locks look thicker. Cha-ching!

  • Long Bangs


    Image via alamea_lio/ Flickr

    Bangs are also notorious for minimizing forehead size -- and these longer frays do the job. If you've got long, straight locks, bangs help to break up the lengths and maintain your natural face shape.


  • Side Bangs


    Image via Tim Whitby/Getty

    Ah, my fave. I love side bangs -- they go with the natural part of your hair and break up the angles and layers. Plus they're super easy to style. They're like the most non-committed version of bangs out there and pair well with straight or curly locks.

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