Banana Republic ‘Desk to Dinner’ Outfits Confirm: You CAN Eat Out in Work Clothes

desktodinnerLadies! Did you know you could wear the SAME OUTFIT you wore today to the office out to dinner tonight? Fo' realz! I bet you never thought of that, right? Well lucky for you, retailer Banana Republic and food magazine Bon Appetit are here to put that notion in your noggin and set you up for some tasty AM/PM styling.

(See what I did there with the "tasty" ??? Okay, never mind.)

Which means... what, we'll get a gift certificate for Olive Garden when we buy a skirt at Banana? You'll be able to pick up a new pair of shoes at Chili's? Nope, it's just clothes and advertisements aimed straight at foodies. Starting next week, Banana Republic is introducing a line of clothing called Desk to Dinner. The line will be promoted in Bon Appetite and on Open Table's blog, Dining Check.


Banana's new cubicle-to-Applebee's clothes "are intended to be versatile enough to be worn from a day at the office to a night out to eat." Which is amazing because none of our clothes did that before! I mean, here I am, typing away at my desk in a DRESS. If I were called upon to dine with, say, a newly-single Scientologist I might have to go home and change. Into a DRESS.

Okay, those of you who grew up girls and who have been reading the ladies mags forever know that putting together a "day" look that goes into "night" has been a thing for ages -- at least as long as women have been thrashing wheat by day, gnawing on giant boar legs and glugging mead with the hubs by night. So yeah, this is nothing new, just a cute marketing gimmick. And if it's anything like their Mad Men line I'm sure it'll be perfectly adorbs.

But honestly, I think Banana and Bon Appetit missed out on an excellent opportunity. I mean, check out this lobster skirt! Hello, lubber.

lobster shirt

Oops, it's by rival J Crew. Or check out this sweet strawberry blouse -- vintage from Etsy.

strawberry blouse

Aww! See what I mean? If you're jumping on the foodie-fashion bandwagon you might as well take it all the way, right? But no. Going by the one ad I've seen so far it looks like these will be regular, tasteful, non-food-themed clothes.

Do you ever change your clothes between leaving the office and going out at night?


Images via Banana Republic, eBay, Etsy


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