Kim Kardashian Gets Eaten by Giant Flower -- SCARY!

Kim Kardashian at PAris Haute Couture Fashion Week with Kanye WestKim Kardashian and Kanye West may just be the most photographed couple in all of Hollywood. Errr, make that Paris. Yup, Kimye has taken their good looks over to Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, and believe you me, there's no missing 'em. Especially because Kim knows how to dress for success. And by success, I mean, um, for everyone to talk about how ridiculous she looked after the fact. 

The E! reality star went to the Stephane Rolland show with her boo Tuesday wearing a totally subdued dress. Simple black, long on one side. Oh wait, there's that one minor detail. You wanna know what that massive white thing is on her left shoulder, don't you?



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OK, so I exaggerate a little bit. I understand why she wore the dress: it's made by the show's designer. I actually loved the Stephane Rolland dress that Beyonce rocked at this week's BET awards. I also understand that sometimes couture is a little avant-garde. Still, this one's just not my speed, and that's OK. I just can't get over how much of a random POW that white detailing is.

She did do something right here, though, by opting for a more natural makeup look and a simple hairstyle. Wouldn't want any of the focus to be taken away from that sweet detail ... if that's even possible.

I will say this: Even with the flower, Kim's always gonna look fine next to Kanye. Ugh, I drool at his casual "Yes, I'm wearing all black because I know I look good" ensemble. Hey Kanye -- I'd appreciate it if you'd accompany me to my next fashion show adventure! Since, you know, I hit those up allllll the time.

What do you think about Kim's bold dress? Like or dislike?

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