Yes! Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Being a Carrot Top

lindsay lohan red hairLindsay Lohan has dyed her hair red, again. After wrapping on Lifetime's Liz & Dick, Linds decided to go back to her roots and headed to the salon for a hair makeover. She tweeted a photo of her new locks to fans and said, "Red again", two words most of us having been waiting to hear for years. Er, months. Well, days? Point is, whenever Lindsay goes back to her natural color, most of us hope it's some sort of signal that she's calming down, that she's ready to be the talented and light-hearted ginger we all fell in love with eight years ago.


But who knows how long this deep red look will last -- the last time she went strawberry, it only stuck around a few months. And within that time period, she crashed her car, collapsed in a hotel room, skipped out on a $40,000 tanning bill, and posed with a gun to her head.

Now that filming for her Elizabeth Taylor T.V. movie has ended and Lindsay's got some free time on her hands, maybe these red locks won't go anywhere anytime soon.

Lindsay's in good company if she stays a redhead; some of Hollywood's most famous and respected actresses are gingers. No one can deny Julia Roberts' talent, everyone loves and admires Julianne Moore for her grace and body of work, and Emma Stone's a natural redhead whom people can't get enough of. Being associated with those beloved carrot-tops wouldn't be such a bad thing for Lohan.

Here's hoping that this dye job doesn't mess with her head like that last one may have. I dare say she's looking good. The actress turned 26 on July 2 -- no better way to ring in a new year than with a new slash old look.

Do you like Lindsay's red hair?


Photo via lindsaylohan/Twitter

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