Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Invents’ Plain White T-Shirt That Costs $90

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There are few things as necessary in life as a great plain white t-shirt. If you ask Gwyneth Paltrow, that necessities list probably includes a Turkish bath in your basement and organic eggs plucked from chickens raised in that exact location where a rainbow connects with cool brook in a blooming valley. In that vain, Gwyneth has co-designed, with Kain Label, a $90 white t-shirt. She thinks it's perfect. She thinks you should buy it on the newly-launched e-comm portion of Goop. She thinks you should wear it untucked.

A plain white tee never seemed so unachievable.


Goop expounds on their creation:

Inspired by tuxedo tailoring, we added grosgrain piping to the shoulders and sides, and shortened the length, modernizing this essential wardrobe staple.

Is tuxedo tailoring code for spun with solid gold? Anyone?

A white tee is, no question, a sartorial must-have and yours truly probably owns around 15. I just buy any great one I find, knowing that I'll wear it a bunch until the next generation is in stores. And, btws, their combined retail hovers around $200. Each shirt is not that expensive.goop t-shirtGoop tee, $90

NOW. What if I had one white tee that was the end all be all, I probably wouldn't need to keep buying them, right? What if that life-changing tee is Gwyneth's? What if I spend $90 on this and then never need to spend another dime on white tees ever again?

What if Gwyneth is right?

Sadly, I don't think I'll find out. Mama needs a train ticket upstate and a handle of Old Charter bourbon before she needs a $90 white t-shirt. That said, if Gwyn could guarantee me that the shirt's impervious to whiskey stains, I might change my tune.

How much would you spend on the perfect white t-shirt?


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