7 Star-Spangled Accessories for a Stylishly Patriotic 4th of July (PHOTOS)

My fellow Americans ... are you gearing up for the Fourth of July? While the tots are napping and the baked beans are, well, baking, it's time to turn your attention to something you probably haven't given any thought to yet: your accessories

Now ladies, if you're thinking that the outfit is way more important than the jewels, oh, shame on you. The gems on your arms, neck, and ears pack a powerful punch when it comes to your patriotic pride -- so your studs should be just as loud 'n' proud to be American as the rest of your get-up is!

Before the festivities get underway and you're dining on delectable and juicy July 4th desserts and tossing back a few (err, many) ice cold ones, give your adorable sundress a boost with these seven star spangled accessories that'll make any Fourth of July memorable:


Do you think your accessories should make a statement, too?

Image via SunBijoux/Flickr

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