7 Simple Style Swaps for a Sexier Wardrobe

fashionAs fun as fashion is, ladies, let's just all agree that it's complicated. I have the endless "how should I wear my hair ... and what about my makeup?" debate every time I get ready. In the world of vogue, there are those who play it safe ... and those who kick their style sense up a notch.

I'm one of those girls who dreams of taking her wardrobe to extremes -- give me studded belts and sky-high heels any day in my fantasies -- but who usually goes more conservative instead. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. On my pint-sized budget, it's hard to justify collecting a closet full of bold, edgy prints and colorblocked jeans.

Truth is, you don't need drawers full of daring outfits to bring out your inner sex kitten. All it takes are a few simple touches to make your same old clothes say "Me-ow!" Wish someone would have told me that before I bought that studded dress ...


What are some easy style changes you make to your outfits to make them more va-va-va-voom?

Image via Jason Hargrove/Flickr

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