7 Bondage-Inspired Swimsuits Christian Grey Would Love (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | Jul 3, 2012 Beauty & Style

bondage style swimsuit one pieceWe won't try and say Fifty Shades of Grey inspired this season's outpouring of bondage-style swimwear, but it is interesting that both seem to have descended on summertime as fast as Christian Grey's twitchy palm on Anastasia Steele's behind. The suits are sexy, they're strappy, and some have oodles of revealing cut-outs. In fact, they look exactly like the sort of getups you'd wear in Mr. Grey's Sunroom of Pain (he has one of those too, right?). Can't say much for what kind of tan lines they're going to leave behind, but these S&M-inspired suits are definite statement makers if you have the guts to slide one on.

Let's take a look a seven bondagey-ful bathing suits -- in both one piece and two. Who knows, maybe one of these suits is the key to meeting your Christian Grey at the beach this summer -- that or embarrassing the hell out of your kids, whichever. 

fifty shades of grey swimwear

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