Let's Celebrate Katie Holmes' Freedom With 7 'Free Katie' Wearables (PHOTOS)

run katie run holmes tshirtThank God, Katie Holmes has finally escaped that sham of a marriage and whatever kept her in it five years too long. Now that she has officially filed for divorce, Katie will be set free from Tom Cruise (and his odd, scary, brainwashing cult religion). It is a joyous day, indeed!

Let's celebrate by busting out some of the best celebratory "Free Katie" wearables. Katie, we have been on your side all these years, rooting for you, awaiting the day that you (and dear sweet Suri) could finally run away. Don't look back now! 

Check out seven of the best "Free Katie" (and "Free Suri" !!!) T-shirts! So happy Katie is "Holmes Free" now! Run Katie run! Suri, take off your heels and run with her!


Image via CafePress

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I find this post in extremely bad taste. There's a child involved. Shame on you.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Oh yeah, a marriage failed and a little girl is going to grow up being shuttled from parent to parent assuming they ever sort out who is going to have custody. How is that a joyous occasion exactly?

kelly... kelly24019

Totally agree with this article

PonyC... PonyChaser

Really, with the effing slideshow AGAIN??? I don't even have a chance to see if these shirts are in bad taste because once again, I fell for the (PHOTOS) and clicked through, only to be hit with one of those infernal slideshows AGAIN.


I didn't bother either Pony because alas, I hate them too. There's an "awkward" kisses one for you here! I hate these as much as you do and never go through them anymore.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

god why slideshows!

woo hoo i can use this woo so what! we hate them!!!

BTW loved most all of the shirts! A few could be referring to anyone.

She will be better off he is a nutter!

Run Kate and Suri Run!


MamaR... MamaRae85

Sick and tasteless article. What a rag The Stir is.

Carol99 Carol99

Blatant Bigotry.  You don't know what the story is.

Torra... TorranceMom

I'm a fan of pre-Tom Katie. Run girl!

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