Sharon Stone's Sheer Sweater Is Shockingly See-Through

sharon stoneOh good god my eyes. I didn't really want to see Sharon's stones, but now I can't unsee them. That's right, Sharon Stone decided to go out to dinner in Paris wearing a sheer boatneck sweater. Even though the top eighth of sweater was opaque, it wasn't enough to cover her boobs. You could pretty much see everything. And by everything, I mean a 54-year-old nipple.

Perhaps Sharon mistook the City of Lights to be the City of Headlights because, wow, I'm blinded by her breasts.


So what do we think of this outfit. Well, for starters, no. And furthermore, never. And in conclusion, I can't.

Maybe Sharon's trying to keep up with 53-year-old Madonna who flashed her boob at a concert a few weeks ago, or maybe she didn't realize her shirt didn't cover her boobs, or maybe she didn't give a flying shit that she was exposing herself. Who knows. Whatever was or wasn't her motivation, the fact remains that we all saw her jugs.

It's one thing when someone like Miley Cyrus shows too much skin, and not because she inherently looks better because she's younger, it's because you expect that sort of thing from a teenager. You expect a 19-year-old to want to get attention for letting her butt hang out. You expect the younger crowd to be more insecure, and therefore seek validation by showing some tit or ass.

But you don't expect that from a woman in her fifties. She's supposed to be confident and self-assured. She's not supposed to want photos of her boobs on the Internet, no matter how great they may or may not look.

Too late now, though. And for the record, they do look pretty damn good.

What do you think of Sharon's sheer top?


Photo via Siebbi/Flickr

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