Miley Cyrus Forgets to Wear a Shirt on the Red Carpet (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus in a little black dress at the Austrailians in Film AwardsSometimes Miley Cyrus can get a little carried away showing some skinMaybe if I had her teensy frame I'd have that sorta problem, too. Not surprisingly, the recently engaged 19-year-old showed up to the Australians in Film Awards in Los Angeles Wednesday alongside fiance Liam Hemsworth looking H-O-T in a peekaboo little black dress

The funny part? Miley's goal for the evening was to keep things subdued. She told People that she opted for black because it was simple and the evening was more about Liam than her standing out in one of summer's hot colors.

Ummmm, hmmmm ... hey Miley? Did you look in the mirror? Girl -- just because your dress is black doesn't mean you're blending in with a cut like that!

You know what, though? I think it's totally fine to be a standout fashionista.

I'm pretty positive Miley doesn't know the definition of blending in. I'm OK with that. Mostly because it gives all of us folks at home something exciting to gossip about when we catch a glimpse of her in the wacky ensembles after the fact. That, and it also provides a bit of fashion inspiration. I definitely never thought rockin' a bra cup dress was a good idea ... until now. I'm not sure WHERE I would wear something like this. But heck, I can't even lie -- I want one!

I truly think this LBD is perfection. Yeah, those cups are a pretty bold move. With all things considered, though, Miley's a tad bit more covered up than usual. No midriff showing, the skirts not up her bootay like those white SHORT shorts from last week.

Plain and simple: The girl's in her moment. Yeah, I may rag on the Disney star for her less-than-functional workout gear. But heck, she's in her teens, young, and in love. Rock it, lady.

What do you think of Miley's little black dress? Are you a fan of Miley's personal style?

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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Looks like she wore the dress BACKWARDS!

LNsMomma LNsMomma

Please... if you were a famous near adult with a body like that and wanting to stay relevant you would probably do the same thing.


Don't you "adults" have anything better to do that snark on this kid? God. Leave her alone!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

But yesterday on this very website a writer was praising her for wearing this dress...

Torra... TorranceMom

She looks like a contestant on "Rock of Love."

nonmember avatar Bob


BGarcel BGarcel

I want that dress, but I don't want that hair. It looks to plain and common.

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