5 Amazing Maxi Skirts You Must Try On Now (PHOTOS)

maxi skirtYou know what every fashionista needs in her closet right now? A maxi skirt. Seriously ladies, they're like the style staple of the summer, so go out and buy one like ... TODAY.

I love to slip into a maxi for any occasion because they're so easily dressed up or down for any event -- and soooo comfortable! So mamas, listen up: maxis pass the test when it comes to chasing your tot around all day. Hoorah!

But you want to hear the real reason I die for this flowy find? It's flattering on every figure! It's like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants .... but for skirts, people. 

I'm a little self conscious of my legs so I'm always looking for alternatives to shorts. I prefer the loose look, especially as a heat wave hits. And maxis help to elongate the leg, making you look leaner and they help accentuate the positive, like a teeny waist. 

Since you're probably all OMG, I'm going to the mall right now, here are five maxi skirt styles to shop for:


What's your summer style staple?

Image via ...love Maegan/ Flickr

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