Britney Spears' 'X Factor' Audition Breasts Prove She's Back on Top

britney spearsDamn. Britney Spears looks good. The singer and mother of two was in Providence, Rhode Island Wednesday for X-Factor auditions and was photographed greeting fans in a plunging red bandage dress, close-tow black pumps, and heavy eye makeup. Before heading to work behind the judges' table, which, by the way, can't wait to see how she does there, Britney signed autographs for well wishers and showed off her hot body in the process.

We've seen Britney give it her best recently -- that beige dress ring any bells? -- but this is the most stylish we've seen her look in a long time. It's Britney, bitch, and she's back.


I also think she looked great in this little white number she wore for the St. Louis auditions, too. And I don't disagree with this sheer pink one she donned for the show's Austin, Texas visit.

Point is, Britney's getting back on her A game. Sure there are plenty of rumors swirling about whether she's mentally healthy enough to handle such a high-pressure and highly-visible job, but if her fashion choices are any indication, she's got her head on straight.

Her nails are all cleaned up, her hair looks great, her body's in tip-top shape, her smile's bright, and there's life behind her deep brown eyes. Since she looks this good, maybe she feels this good. A healthy, happy, and stylish Britney has been missing for a while, and it's time for her welcome return.

What do you think of Britney's red dress outfit?


Photo via Splash News

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