5 Ways Moms Can Fake Looking Gorgeous This Summer

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yoga pantsAs much as we'd love to look polished and put together on any given day of the week, sometimes it's just so tough for moms to find the extra time it takes to look our best -- especially when we're scrambling to shuttle the kids around to camp & other activities this summer.

Even this morning, I found myself sitting on my couch with my cup of coffee wishing that my fairy godmother would show up, wave her magic wand, and poof -- I'd be showered & dressed and ready to take on the day. But as hard as I wished, she never did show up, so I resorted to one of my trusty tricks for making myself look presentable even though I only had a few minutes to spare.

Here are 5 ways moms can fake looking great, and pretty much fool anyone into thinking they don't have to try too hard to be beautiful.

1. When in doubt, go for workout gear: If you don't have time for the whole hair & makeup deal, throw on a baseball cap, and put on one of the outfits you usually wear while working out. Instead of looking frumpy, people will commend you for appearing ready to head to the gym after dropping the kids at camp.

2. Big sunglasses & a ponytail: Nothing says summer chic like pulling your hair back & wearing a huge pair of classy sunglasses. No one will notice that you haven't touched a blow dryer or tube of mascara, and you'll even feel a little bit glamorous.

3. Maxi dresses: Invest in at least four or five maxi dresses this summer for a casual and easy look you can wear anywhere. You can throw a maxi dress in seconds with no need for ironing or any sort of fuss, and even if you haven't had time to shower, you'll still look put together.

4. Dry shampoo: If you don't feel like going the hat route, dry shampoo is your absolute best friend. Just spray it on at the roots to soak up excess oil, brush it out, and voila, you're ready to go. Add a dab of lip gloss, and no one will know you didn't spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready.

5. Bathing suit & cover-up: This little trick runs along the same lines as stepping out in workout gear. When you are truly pressed for time, throw on your swimsuit and a chic cover-up & pair the look with a cute pair of flip-flops. You'll look ready to hit the beach or pool in style, even if all you plan on doing is running to the grocery store.

What tricks do you use to fake looking gorgeous?


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nonmember avatar onehotmomma

Haha, I love #1 & #5! So true. I do the workout gear pretty often, but I've never tried the swimsuit one. I know what I'm wearing today!

calim... calimom73

I love #1 and 5 too. 

lizma... lizmartinez

These are cute ideas, but not for me! It takes as much time to put on yoga pants and a tank top as it does to put on fitted jeans and a blouse. I will continue to "dress for the occasion." :)

Lindsey Williamson

This is HYSTERICAL, as #2 & #3 are staples of my weekly wardrobe, but I have beefs with #1 & #5... a couple of summers ago, I was in a grocery store right after work looking very Stepford Wife-ish in a knee length skirt, cardigan, flats, with a very neat & skick bun, and I see an old friend from high school whose legit walking around in a STRING BIKINI and dolphin shorts. DOLPHIN SHORTS are not an appropriate cover up to a string binkini, especially in the freezer section. Also, you can distinguish between the women who actually go to the gym and the ones who wear yoga pants every day because they are too lazy to put on real clothes. Some people can't handle #1 & #5 ;-)

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