11 Naughty '50 Shades of Grey' T-Shirts for Expressing Your Kinky Side (PHOTOS)

heart fifty shades of grey tshirtWe know some of you are secretly reading (or rereading) that darn 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. You can hide your guilty pleasures under your covers or inside your e-reader all you want, but the kinkfest is still happening. So why not come out and show the world how you really feel? That's right. Wear your Fifty Shades obsession on your sleeve by strutting out in one of these not-so-vanilla, Fifty Shades-inspired T-shirts.

Go ahead and let your Fifty Shades freak flag fly! You know you wanna. And, here at The Stir, we aim to please too. We've gone ahead and found 11 of the best Fifty Shades T-shirt picks out there -- some are super naughty and some are more subtle, but all of them are awesome. Take a look.


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