Kate Upton Is Hot, But She Did Not 'Bring Back' Curves

Kate Upton GQCan we talk about Kate Upton for a second? I keep hearing that the GQ cover model with the hot body is bringing back voluptuous. No offense to Kate, y'all, but I wasn't aware she had to bring it back!

Let me close the troll trap before I get going. I'm not bashing on curvy Kate Upton. And if you think I'm jealous of her, you are darn right. Have you seen the "Cat Daddy" video and the Baywatch clip of her GQ shoot with celeb photographer Terry Richardson? Va. Va. Voom.


But I couldn't help noticing that Richardson asked Upton to channel her inner Pamela Anderson while he was shooting. Got that? He had to make her play another voluptuous babe who, last time I checked, is still around and still HOT.

And it's not just the curvy Baywatch actress. Ever heard of a woman named Christina Hendricks who is, um, everywhere these days now that Mad Men is back on TV where it belongs? And might I refer you to one bootylicious new mama Beyonce Knowles? Voluptuous ladies have been getting their due since way back when Marilyn Monroe was letting street vents blow air up her skirt.

Big ups to Upton for whatever she has done with her life. She's 20 years old and obviously doing quite well for herself. But I think we can stop giving her quite as much credit as she's been getting.

Emaciated models tend to get a lot more press because we like to moan and kvetch about what they're doing to our psyches. And don't get us started on a Photoshopping debate, m'kay!?

But that doesn't mean the barely there babes are dominating. Not by a long shot! Really, look long and hard, and you might want to be crediting all those other ladies with helping to put Upton on the cover of GQ.

Who do you think really made the fashion world accept women have curves?



Image via GQ

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