5 Belted Looks Guaranteed to Make You Look Leaner (PHOTOS)

beltI'm all for feelin' good in your own skin. Whether petite, tall, large, small, pear-shaped, or busty, being a woman is a beautiful thing. But you know what hasn't always been easy for a lot shapes? Wearing a belt. To me, it's always felt a little bit like lady kryptonite.

You know what I mean, right? Sitting right on your waistline, a chunky belt makes you feel bigger instead of flaunting your svelte figure -- and that's a BIG bummer, especially since it's such a hot trend. Well, I'm here to tell ya, a belt can accentuate your best assets if you wear it right.

This tried-and-true fashion gem can add flair to just about any look and make you look lean too. So buckle up ladies!

Here are five of the most fashionable and slimming tricks to use with any belt:

What's your favorite trick for looking slim?

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  • Butterfly Knot


    Image via FaSHionRoLLa

    This knot draws the eye inward to the center of your waist, where you're the thinnest. Against darker hues, accentuate your figure with a bright, thicker belt.

  • Old School Loop


    Image via J.Crew

    An old scoop loop is a five-second fix that revamps any belted style. Just tuck the excess material behind and let it hang. Eyes will be drawn to the length and make you look leaner & longer.

  • Tasteful Tie


    Image via FaSHionRoLLa

    Tie it as tight as it'll go, ladies -- just make sure you leave room to breathe! This works magic on fabric belts that can be looped, swooped, and pulled. Make it really stand out with a bold belt color choice or opt for a design.

  • Twisted Knots


    Image via J.Crew

    Try this trick on a thinner, longer belt with lots of material -- you'll want to twist a few times. Your best bet is to stick to a solid color belt, but pair it against polka-dots or stripes (left). 

  • Inside Loop Knot


    Image via FaSHionRoLLa

    The beauty of extra fabric is that it makes your waist look smaller, so this is the perfect way to draw the eye in. Make a bold statement by using a colored belt -- it'll really make you shine.

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