Bethenny Frankel Carries Knock-Off Designer Handbags & We Love Her for It

Bethenny FrankelA new report is claiming that Bethenny Frankel carries around knock-off designer handbags, and of course, she's getting tons of grief for it. A source insists that Bethenny has someone come to her home to sell her bags that aren't authentic, and adds, "The bags are the highest-quality knockoffs from China; it’s really tough to tell the difference."

Ok, so if it's next to impossible to tell the real bags from the knock-offs, then why is there any problem with Bethenny choosing to carry the fakes -- and save herself a ton of cash? Honestly, hearing that Bethenny prefers knock-offs over real designer bags makes me like her even more, because it proves she's not pretentious, and she's pretty smart too.


Bethenny's daughter, Bryn, is only a toddler, so I'm guessing the inside of her purse pretty much resembles the inside of purses belonging to every other mom in the world. Odds are good that underneath her wallet, lipstick, and cellphone, there is a fairly thick layer of crushed goldfish crackers and probably a few broken crayons that have smeared all over the lining of the bag too.

At least if she's carrying fake handbags, she doesn't have to get too bent out of shape about any spills and messes that happen. Of course, the source who outed Bethenny for her little handbag secret also says the fake bags aren't cheap, at $750 to $1,500 a pop. But I guess for someone with a wallet as padded as hers, shelling out that much cash is still better than spending tens of thousands of dollars on real bags. If this report is true, then I guess we can sort of consider Bethenny to be a bargain shopper, right?

Do you have any knock-off designer purses?


Image via Bravo

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