8 First Date Fashion Fails Every Woman Should Avoid (PHOTOS)

couple walking Oh, first dates. They're tough. Everything NEEDS to be perfect -- the guy, the restaurant, the meal, the post-dinner stroll, and of course, the  outfit. Duh!

Getting dressed daily is a struggle for me -- so a flawless outfit for a memorable night (and hopefully a second date!) requires A LOT of attention, ya know?

Before a waltz with any potential new beau, I put every blouse, dress, and shoe through the ultimate grueling test: would I wear this on the town on a date with Will Smith? George Clooney? Ryan Gosling? Or what about McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey? Would this top absolutely woo for a night of wining and dining perfection?

Yes, I've had a few not so fashionable first impressions, but I've learned from my mistakes. Here are the eight biggest first date style blunders you should never, ever make. I know. I've made them all!

Take a look:


What's your go-to first date outfit?


Image via Guudmorning!/Flickr

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