Kristen Stewart Wears Jeans to a Wedding in Ultimate Fashion Faux Pas (PHOTO)

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Kristen Stewart wears jeans to a weddingI have a major appreciation for Kristen Stewart's personal style. I like that K. Stew stays true to her guns and wears the types of things she likes, not what Hollywood wants her to wear. However, that doesn't mean all rules go out the window. Kristen stepped out to a pretty formal event the other night in an outfit that can only be defined as well, wack.

The scene? A fancy schmancy Hollywood wedding with studly boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The outfit choice? Jeans. Yup, denim. Deep blue denim, in fact, with a black top and blazer. What, since your name is Kristen Stewart you don't have to wear a dress you'll most likely regret purchasing just like everybody else? Not exactly what I'd call wedding appropriate.

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Maybe it's just me, but the idea of wearing jeans to such a big event totally rubs me the wrong way. I think about how I'd feel if someone showed up wearing jeans to my wedding, and I know it would bother me. Heck, if I'm standing there wearing a gown that costs $$$, you should be a tad bit fancy yourself. Come on Kristen, even Rob was fancier than you for the occasion! Hmmm, I wonder if he was rockin' one of his favorite Gucci suits.

Not for nothing, it's also not like Kristen doesn't have a bazillion options at home or a handful (or five) of designers who would adore her to wear their beautiful dresses. Whoooo knows. Despite her casual look, it seems like she and her boo had a great time.

Hear more about Kristen and Rob's wedding experience, here:

Would you ever wear jeans to a wedding?

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nonmember avatar mk2021

How about you read the complete story first? I'm not a huge KS fan but I know from other sites, that she did dress appropriately for the ceremony and reception and only changed into jeans towards the very end of the night.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

I don't care who wears what sty wedding, as long as you don't look like you just spent the week with a hobo under the overpass its all good. I definitely don't want people to get all glitzed up either, I have some really pretty friends and nobody wants to be outdone at their own event LOL

Jmsosa Jmsosa

Many other sites noted that she actually forgot her dress, borrowed one from the groom's sister, and then changed back into her jeans at the reception.

nonmember avatar linz

yep, the first comment is right, she actually, according to, borrowed a dress from the bride's sister for the ceremony then changed into denim for the reception. either way, she still looks stoned out of her mind! haha.

nonmember avatar Charlotte

Why would anyone change into jeans for a wedding reception unless they have the manners of a farm animal?

Thewi... Thewife06

Why the eff does everyone care what the guests wear to a wedding as long as they don't look like hookers or pimps? I have never met anyone in my actual life who gives a crap about what people wear to weddings, church events, graduations, or anything of that nature as long as they didn't look trashy.

Heather Duso Johnson

I can understand forgetting to pack a dress but unless you are in the middle of nowhere, there is always a mall or store within a reasonable driving distance where one can buy a dress or skirt.   

Bunny Lee Wilson

Who the point of your wedding to make everyone dress up? At the end of the day the couple is married no matter what anyone wears. There are more important things to focus on. The idea that the writer would be upset if someone wore jeans to her wedding is ridiculous...she sounds very shallow. Lets ruin the most special day of your life so far over someone's choice of pants. Ha!

Judy Swartz

This is the truth- she forgot her dress, borrowed one from the Groom's sister and wore it to the wedding and reception, only changing to jeans  for the after party later that night. As for forgettinmg her dress, remember, she only got in from a grueling  promo rip to Australia, the left the day after the wedding for a photoshoot in Paris. I'd have trouble keeping everything straight, too!

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