Miley Cyrus’ New Hair Color Makes Her Almost Unrecognizable

miley cyrusFirst comes love, then comes engagement, then comes rapid weight-loss and a dye job. Miley Cyrus has gone through quite the transformation over the last few months, and now, to cap off her evolving look, Miley's gone blond. Stepping out to grab coffee with a friend in L.A., the newly engaged 19-year-old showed off her flaxen highlights and awesome hot pink Kat von D lipstick. She stayed true to her short short-loving ways and rocked black studded cut-offs with a transparent chartreuse top.

Miley keeps changing things up on us. From totally changing her body to wearing less clothing to now, dyeing her hair, it's kind of like, what's she going to do next?


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To keep on the change train, Miley could get a piercing, a tattoo, or some extremely ill-advised plastic surgery in the next few months if she feels the need to continue switching things up.

Pretty soon, we might night recognize our Miley. She's changed so much in recently that it's hard to remember that two years ago she had long auburn hair and youthfully full cheeks, and that in 2011 she had layered bangs and sunny highlights. And just six months ago, she was all Hollywood glam at the People's Choice Awards.

They grow up slash change their bodies, hair, and relationship statuses so fast.

I like her new 'do. Think it looks fly. Very Rosie the Riveter meets Coachella. I'll admit that I'm curious to see what look she lands on for her wedding day, but until she walks down that aisle, I'll enjoy watching her continue to morph into her new sense of style. Just, no lip fillers or nose jobs, OK?

What do you think of Miley's new hair?

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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