Jennifer Lopez Rocks a Bikini By Following a Rule All Moms Should Know

Jennifer LopezShe may be a 42-year-old mom of twins, but Jennifer Lopez still knows how to rock a bikini. She was spotted playing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro yesterday with her kids, Max & Emme, and her boy-toy Casper Smart -- and she looked every bit the hot mama that she is in this chic white two-piece.

She has about the most amazing abs ever, and she knows it -- and she isn't afraid to flaunt what she's got. And when it comes to pulling off a bikini as a mom, there's really only one rule to follow, which Jen has obviously figured out.


You have to choose a suit that works for your body type -- one that highlights your best assets, and flatters your not-so-perfect areas. And even though Jennifer Lopez is toned and fit all over, her taut tummy is definitely one of her best features, so she is smart to wear a bikini that shows how hard she works to keep her abs in shape.

And even though she's been praised for her voluptuous rear end, covering that area up with a sarong actually made her look even more slender. Hiding her backside also draws the eye straight to her mid-section instead of focusing on her lower half, which I'm sure is what she was aiming for with this look.

Moms can definitely learn a lesson from J. Lo's bikini style by selecting suits that fit correctly and show off all the right areas. There are so many different combinations of tops and bottoms out there now from skirts to tank tops to scoop bottoms & bandeaus, so moms can mix and match to find what works best and looks good on them -- not what is most attractive on a random model in a catalog.

Do you plan on wearing bikinis this summer? What types of tops & bottoms do you prefer?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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