4 Fruit & Veggie Smoothies That Will Help Banish Blemishes (PHOTOS)

| Jun 25, 2012 Beauty & Style

green smoothieSmoothies for the skin. Yup, this is real!

There is no ancient secret to a beautiful, blemish-free face, but there are few tricks to keep your skin glowing and with a lot fewer break-outs. Nutrient rich fruits and  vegetables work overtime to pack the perfect blended punch for a looker that's always nourished, hydrated and heathy.

And what could be better than a smoothie to beat the summer heat and keep your face feeling fresh?!

Now, instead of reaching for a a cold soda at your next backyard BBQ, why not whip up a deliciously cool and creamy smoothie that'll help keep your skin radiant all summer long?

Here are four frothy, simple smoothie recipes that spin their way into a clear complexion:


What's your secret to protecting your face from looking dehydrated and dry?

Image via The Sean & Lauren Spectacular/ Flickr

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