Celebrities Who Wear Pajamas in Public Are Frumpy & Lazy

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Miranda KerrOk, so I know celebrities can usually get away with wearing some pretty wacky style trends simply because they're famous, but please, please, please -- someone tell me celebs stepping out wearing pajamas isn't a fashion statement that's going to stick! I know there's the whole comfort factor and it can be so tempting to just roll out of bed & leave the house without bothering to change -- but I just can't help but see running around in pajamas as borderline lazy. (Unless you're quickly dropping the kids off at school & coming right back home. That's different.)

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr looks amazing in anything, but even she had a bit of the mom frump going on when she wore her pj's to catch a flight at the airport.

Even though she paired her baggy look with a high-end handbag, a chic jacket, and heels -- it's still hard to ignore the fact that her shirt & pajama bottoms are a bit on the "blah" side. (But then again, she is Miranda Kerr, and she does still look gorgeous, regardless of her frumpy style.)

Other celebs who have hopped on the pajama trend include Rihanna, who wore what looked like a bathrobe on the red carpet in Tokyo, and Salma Hayek, who recently donned a pair of silk pajamas.

There's nothing wrong with dialing back your style a bit, but the problem with this new pajama trend is that it takes all the fun out of getting dressed & ready to face the day in the morning. And for moms in particular, I can't stress just how important I think it is to take the few extra minutes to get out of our jammies and throw on regular clothes before leaving the house.

I definitely have days where I'm pressed for time and wind up throwing on a hat and big sunglasses to hide the fact that I didn't have time to do my hair & makeup. But I always, always manage to put on something other than what I slept in the night before. Even if it's an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt, getting dressed makes me feel better, and I carry myself with much more confidence throughout the rest of the day. Sleepwear is called sleepwear for a reason, and it should stay in the bedroom where it belongs.

What are your thoughts on wearing pajamas out & about?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Well see, I dont sleep in PJ Pants, I buy them just to wear around , whether to the store, the bar or around home. I care to be comfortable rather than dress to the nines. I dress up all day at work, dont wanna do it when I get home.

Todd Vrancic

I have seen some pajama pants that are difficult to tell from real pants.

nonmember avatar Kodi

It would really save us mommies time,something we always run short of,dropping off kids at school in pyjamas and early church service.Waiting for that day.

mompam mompam

She looks gorgeous. I'm sure she didn't sleep in that. She chose to wear it.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

I have a pair of my ex-father-in-laws sweatpants, given to me when I was about 9 months pregnant and had been caught in a downpour.  At the time, they fit.  Now, thankfully, you could fit 2 or 3 of me in them.  They are UGLY and HUGE - I have to pull the drawstring so tight around my waist so that they don't fall down.  I usually wear them if I'm going to a friend's to hang out in the backyard with the kids or after a day at the beach with the family.  My father calls them my "uh oh she's finally relaxed" pants. :) :)  I love them and wear them at least once a week.  With makeup and a cute tank top, even! :D  Plus I have other pajama pants that I wear out, as well...cute floral ones and big loose plaid ones.  As long as I'm clean, I'll wear whatever I like (except lingerie!) and, like Aunt Ning, when you have to get dressed to the shoes most every morning, yeah, you'll wear whatever you like in your downtime.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I do not wear pj's out of the house

Tracey Plummer

Where I live, everytime you go to the grocery store, you see half of the people there in pj pants. Of course, around here, unless an invite specifically says "formal" you are going to have half of the people show up in blue jeans. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I'm sorry...but an airplane is ONE place I'm definitely not going to judge some one for Pajama wearing. That shit is uncomfortable enough as it is.....Wait....I dont judge people by what they wear anyway...psh!

As long as you've bathed and dont smell like a ten pound sack of ass you can dress in a trash bag for all I care... :-p

nonmember avatar Quincy

I think its gross, and personally would not go in public like that.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Nobody should go put in pajamas. I'll nip out to water the plants but that's it. Nothing says "I've given up and have no respect for myself or anyone else" quite like going out in pajamas.

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