Kim Kardashian Dresses Like a Priest in Paris

kim kardashianYou know how when you used to go to church as a kid your mom used to dress you up like you were a saint? The wool tights, the velvet dresses with the lace colors, the patent-pleather Mary Janes -- it was all so puritanical. And it was all such a lie. We weren't saintly. We were terrors who painted on the basement rug and fooled our babysitters into letting us eat ice cream bars for snack. Point is, I'm onto Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner's game. I know what they're trying to achieve with this outfit. I've, in many ways, worn it myself.

Kim's been in Paris shopping with Kanye West and if I had to make a guess, I'd say that Mama Kris encouraged her to wear something conservative for the paparazzi. Something pure. Something that says "I didn't paint on the basement floor, nor would I scam the nation into believing I date for anything but love."


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Kim make look sweet and innocent and not unlike a priest in drag, but don't let the clothes fool you. She's still the same old Kim we love -- the type of woman who fakes relationships for viewership, entertains us with her family, and who wears low-cut leather dresses and stiletto heels to basketball games. 

Style can play tricks on our minds. As they say, clothes make the man. They fool us into thinking someone's rich or poor, slutty or prude, athletic or nerdy, qualified for a job, or not. Kim's using the oldest trick in the book here, the very one our own mother's employed pre Sunday School, and we, the public, shouldn't buy into it. She may look angelic and chaste, but at this point, we all should no better.

That said, she looks pretty chic and kinda cozy.

Do you dress a certain way when you're trying to convey a message?


Photo via Splash News

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