Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Enormous Nursing Breasts in a Tasteful Way (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson cleavageNew mama Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her insane cleavage on Twitter this past Friday, proving that being a breastfeeding mom has definitely given her a lot more oomph in the chest department (not that she actually needed any help in that area.)

Remember a few years ago when Papa Joe awkwardly commented on his daughter's "Double-D's" by saying something along the lines of, "You can't cover those suckers up!" all while chuckling at his words? Well, he may have been kind of out of line, but it's pretty obvious that he was speaking the truth.

Jess's breasts are definitely large -- and having a baby has made them nothing short of humongous.


And if this photo had been taken at any other point in her life, then it would probably be fair to call it tacky and borderline tasteless. But since we all know it's only been a few weeks since Jess gave birth to baby Maxwell, seeing her boobs basically bursting out of the top of her dress is perfectly acceptable.

If there's ever a time in a woman's life when she should be able to show off a huge amount of cleavage without being ridiculed, it's immediately after having a baby. And furthermore, for those of us who aren't as well endowed as Jessica, having any cleavage at all is pretty exciting -- and it's about the only positive change that happens to our bodies post-pregnancy.

Good for Jess for literally letting it all hang out -- and inspiring other new moms to celebrate their new post-baby bodies instead of complaining about how their bras don't fit.

Do you think Jessica's photo is beautiful or too over-the-top?


Image via Twitter

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